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Interested to learn more about the H&M Group? Watch our new inspiring movie and find out some creative portraits of your 'future' colleagues that illustrate that the H&M Group is the place to be.

Careers at H&M

H&M: Place of Possible

Find out why H&M truly is a Place of Possible; a place where your achievements are limited only by your own ambition, and why at H&M, our employees can move all the way from the sales floor to the boardroom. Our North American President Daniel Kulle sat down with Business of Fashion to let them in on a few of our secrets!

À propos de H&M

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (plus connue sous le nom de H&M) est une entreprise suédoise de prêt-à-porter pour femmes, enfants et hommes fondée en 1947 par Erling Persson (en).
H&M est présente dans 50 pays et emploie environ 95 000 personnes (2011) et possède 2 776 magasins (juillet 2013).

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  • H&M photo: Glam4good partnership!
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Forbes Named H&M As America's Best Employers for Women 2018
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